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As Above, So Below Necklace


As Above, So Below Necklace
made of brass and tibetan quartz.

This necklace embraces both the divine feminine and divine masculine energies present in ourselves, and the universe. The smaller triangles which point downward, are an ancient symbol for the feminine(in ancient art, amulets, and idols it specifically references the female pubic area) . The upward pointing triangle, represents male energy. When the the triangles are intersected, they create a balancing of both, a unification of whole. The Tibetan quartz is also a balancing stone as it is naturally formed double-terminated. The quartz simultaneously receives and gives energies. Tibetan quartz is a very strong manifestation crystal, and a connector to higher realms. When we are balanced our right brain is able to communicate with our higher self, our soul, and communicate to our left brain, our earthly self, which gets things done. We begin to live life with meaning, and divine purpose. We are able to manifest connections, relationships, opportunities, and energies which push us along our to our true calling.

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