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Mayan inspired jaguar priestess collar


Mayan inspired jaguar priestess collar
made of brass, copper, and recycled glass

Shamanism and the shadow self: as our universe creates in dualities… night and day, black and white, hot and cold, so did the universe create us. We all have a male energy and a female energy, and light self and a shadow self. If we are souls who wish to evolve we must look to our shadows. If we ask or angels, our guides, and our soul to show us our path, we will see our shadow. Seeing our shadow self, our negative aspects, our fears, our insecurities, our karma, our weaknesses, pushes us deeper into our lighter selves. To see our shadow we feel pain, sadness, fear, loneliness, desperation…. All emotions to push us into our higher selves. Our soul path is a long journey, we have had thousands of lifetimes together, balancing karma, back and forth dancing in the light and the shadow of the soul and the universe. Understand we all have our paths, we all have our shadows, our light. When someone shows you their shadow, remember that this is OUR journey. When you are triggered and show your shadow, be grateful for the experience, literally say, “thank you”. You are together helping each other along your path. It is through these experiences we will be able to recognize these triggers, eventually. Eventually, as evolved souls, we can say I am not my shadow self, I AM.

Jaguar’s medicine direction: the west: or within …. it represents prophecy, shape shifting, balancing. Jaguar souls are closely linked to the sky god or creator. They are an open vessel “ for all that is”. Those blessed with the jaguar in their totem will travel a road with trials to integrate and balance them. To balance their own energies, shadow and light, and that part of themselves which is forever present in the astral realms and here on earth. These trials bring them deeper into their own hearts, and the heart of the universe. This collar celebrates the journey we all have, we all share. A celebration of our great spirit outside us, and in our hearts. Let the jaguar’s spirit guide you in and out of the astral realms.

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