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Merkabah Cuff


Merkabah Cuff
available in brass or silver,with brass, silver, or copper detailing; and any crystal, stone or semiprecious-stone pyramid.

This cuff is available in many different sizes depending on the pyramid size and wearer's preference.

This bracelet was created using the male and female symbols, the square and circle, as well as the diamond. In sacred geometry when the circle and square are connected with the diamond(a turning of the square to 90 degrees) 4th level consciousness is possible. In merkabah meditation it's all about the balancing of male and female energies, and the 90 degree turn does this. The Mer Ka Ba originated in ancient Egypt to achieve resurrection and was adopted by Hermetics and Jewish Mystics. I added the quartz pyramid to conduct energy into this powerhouse of ancient geometrical symbols. My client asked me to add a capstone to protect the quartz, and further evoke the ancient alchemic properties of Egyptian pyramids.

This bracelet is a favorite of mine. I wear it frequently and charge the pyramid during certain astrological occurrences and moon phases.