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Crescent Moon Double Crystal Vortex Bracelet


Crescent Moon Double Crystal Vortex Bracelet
made of: silver, brass, two quartz pyramids, and gold leaf.

When I designed this piece I really wanted to embrace the possibilities of a pyramid both giving and receiving energies. Since ancient times the pyramid has not only been a symbol of this exchange, but also a vehicle for universal spirit. Pyramids in many cultures were a place of worship, for ritual, and meditation. The geometries of a pyramid amplify energy as well as direct it. I wanted to create a piece amplifying these energies, a vortex to both give and receive.

It was important in this design for the bracelet to have a sculptural feel. I wanted this piece to be active, to have three dimensions. I wanted it to physically engage its wearer, like a great pyramid. Gold leaf is has been set under each pyramid to raise the vibration and amplify energy, just as the ancient Egyptians capped their pyramids with gold.

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