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Mayan Inspired Vortex To The Heart Necklace


Mayan Inspired Vortex To The Heart Necklace
made of: brass and natural green tourmaline

I created this piece celebrating the phi ratio and its natural creative energies. Consider the golden mean, or the fibonacci sequence to act as a vortex. This ancient geometry and philosophy has been used in ALL faiths! It is present in nature, art, architecture, the human body, it is EVERYWHERE. I was really inspired by the transcendence of 12/21/12, and the Mayan emphasis of returning to the heart. The heart creates, the heart connects, the heart leads, the heart knows, the heart never lies. I incorporated natural green tourmaline(color of the heart chakra) which not only connects us to the earth, but promotes joy and compassion for ourselves, and others. During these transitioning energies, we can feel the shadow of our souls. Green, the color of the heart chakra and the phi ratio vortex, helps to open the heart and transcend negative energies.

Geometry begins with the point, which is circular,
or in three dimensions, spherical. It exists only as the intersection of two or more lines. Thus all our geometry, is created from a void. The first dimension begins with the line. This line is the shortest path between two infinities, or points. From one, the duality of two lines is born, all our paths lead back to the void. Our universe, the phi ratio, creating itself from nothing, creates all in perfect order.

If I had an orange, and gave you all a piece, no matter how different, large or small the pieces were... would this no longer be an orange? Could you call these pieces a rock? a fish? me? you? ..... No, they are still a piece of an orange, a piece of the whole. Let us all remember where we came from, and how important as individuals we are as a collective to the whole.

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