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Key To The Union Of The Logos And Sophia


Key To The Union Of The Logos And Sophia
made of: brass, nickel silver, one large quartz pyramid and 2 small quartz pyramids.

To begin drawing and designing this piece i started with a totally blank slate, and two pieces of natural pyrite( the squares in the middle). sometimes i have a certain philosophy I want to celebrate, energy I want to manifest, or piece of history and faith I want communicate through a piece. I usually know this as I start a piece, but with this piece I really had no idea where I was going. Placing the crystals on graph paper I just let myself start with a small ruler and my compass. I drew the eight pointed star in this piece as purely an aesthetic design, and also drew the two rings, which form a vesica pices. I did not know of the significance of the eight pointed star at first, but as I spent two days drawing this piece, I manifested information. Words were popping into my head. Words which I had never researched or knew of. These words were then appearing in books I "happened to be reading", I really felt like this piece was a gift being given to me. I started to research these new words: Logos and Sophia. I realized they embraced a deep understanding I have had for the universe. It was just expressed in new words and represented in different faiths and cultures. In my daily meditations, and my own soul intentions, I am very focused on the balance of masculine and feminine energies. The balance of these energies in the macro and microcosm of all that is. To be balanced in the universe, the planet, the mind, the heart, the body, with relationships. The focus of balancing and embracing these two different energies is as ancient as our search for our soul's purpose. It is recognized in nearly all faiths that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has a masculine and feminine energy and to find the balance of this, is to "know thyself, to enter the kingdom of heaven". The philosophy of this balance in ancient Gnostocism is called "the union of the Logos and Sophia". Logos being the masculine energy of God, translated literally as "the word". Sophia being the feminine energy of God, translated as "the wisdom". It is believed in certain faiths that creation started with the word, as God SAID, "let there be light" . However, it is the feeling, the acceptance, the integration of the word, or the wisdom, which balances and creates. For centuries Sophia was as important to acknowledge as the male energy was( as evident in the construction of Hagia Sophia). This union or balance was represented by certain geometrical shapes in art and architecture. The eight pointed star found in Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Native American, South American art and architecture. It is found in art of the middle ages, the renaissance, and Freemasonry symbolism. It is 4 + 4, it is the polarities of God's masculine self + the polarities of God's feminine self + the polarities of yourself and your twin flame, 2+2+2+2. The three rings is also representative of this union, the trinity, heros gamos.

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