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Natural Quartz Dreamcatcher Cuff


Natural Quartz Dreamcatcher Cuff
Inspired by the sacred geometry of Om, Japanese sand gardens, and Native American dreamcatchers.

Made of: brass, silver and raw natural quartz

Traditionally Japanese sand gardens were created to invoke the tranquility and vibration of energy moving through calm water. Starting with a centered catalyst and moving outward, energy is easily transferred in water. Swirls and spirals are raked in the sand of the zen Buddhist gardens, which are absent of plants and flowers, so one can appreciate the simple universal beauty. Music uses the laws of vibration to manifest aurally what exists to us visually. Sound allows geometry, the basic building blocks of all that is, to penetrate the physical being of all that is. Music and sound have been used since ancient times to invoke emotions, to heal, to connect. Put most simply, when something sounds good, we feel good. Music creates a web in our consciousness to other people, places, history, our own past relationships, and memories. People have used music to connect to God through chanting, drumming, and singing. They have built cathedrals, temples, and pyramids to amplify their music. And through their music, people have long been able to connect to their own personal paths and connect to their souls. This cuff was designed to use the center quartz crystal as a catalyst and harness of energy, using the surrounding geometrical design to carry the energy and radiate it outwards. Like a pebble hitting the tranquil water of a pond, the plucking of a string, the hitting of a drum, the energy and vibrations are carried out to resonate with you, to penetrate your physical being. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm

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